The Walker Way For Affiliate Marketers Review 2021

I Bought the Product – But How Good Is It?

Not Another Bait and Switch Fake Review – This is the Real Thing.

The Walker Way by David Walker will teach you how to make easy sales on Facebook using free organic methods.  Intrigued?  Well, my review will give you the lowdown on the program.

Not only that you’ll discover if it’s a fair dinkum product or just another load of digital hot air.

Like I said in the headline, I bought the product so I can share my findings from my first-hand experience.

Table of Contents

Who the Heck is David Walker?

  • I first chatted to David last year. He seemed like a straight up and down no BS type of guy.  He can be a bit blunt too – he tells things how he sees them without the hype, the exaggeration, and all the salesy nonsense.
  • David does all his business on Facebook, using organic strategies only. He never spends money on ads.
  • His method revolves around the effective use of daily content on his personal profile, plus Messenger chats. He is dead against spamming people – a relief.
  • Do these strategies work? Well, he’s made more than $300k in four years using these strategies.  Clearly, David Walker ‘walks the talk’.
  • Using these strategies is well and good for David, but after being asked many times for help, he decided to create and launch The Walker Way so others could benefit. The Walker Way encapsulates everything he has learned from using FB organic strategies over the last four to five years.
  • Although this training package was originally designed for affiliate marketers, the reality is that you can adapt them to sell anything you like, including coaching, and perhaps even your own course.

Overview of The Walker Way

  • The Walker Way takes you through all aspects of marketing using Facebook with over 8 hours of video content(!). From setting up your Facebook profile correctly, through to scripts to help you close sales in messenger.
  • At this point, you are probably thinking, well this sounds like a lot of the high-ticket affiliate programs, like EZ1UP, Super Affiliate Accelerator, and so on. And to an extent you’d be right BUT, unlike those programs (which cost $2k upwards), The Walker Way is only $297.
  • This price point makes it incredibly accessible, even for a newbie starting out – and the program comes with it’s own two-tier affiliate program (more on that later).

Check Out The Walker Way For Yourself

Walker Way Module 1 – Base Builder

It’s important to take care of the basics, right?  When it comes to Facebook organic strategies it starts with your personal profile.  Because we don’t run paid Facebook ads, we use our personal profiles to promote our business, instead of a business page.

Don’t worry David will teach you how to use your personal profile without incurring the wrath of the Facebook Police. So, this module will show you how to set up your Facebook profile correctly so you can promote effectively on Facebook with little downside.

This module includes:

  • The Basics of Facebook Profile Optimization.  Understand the thinking that underpins the Facebook organic way of doing things.
  • Your Profile Picture – the do’s and don’ts.
  • Your Cover Photo.  There’s a right and wrong way to do this and rest assured that our organic Facebook guru, David Walker, will show you exactly how to do it.
  • Your Snapshot Bio.  Words count and seeing as you only have space for a few words, David will show you how to use word in an impactful way.
  • Your Featured Image.  Facebook gives you an opportunity to include a featured pic.  David shows you how to take advantage of it to generate more leads.
  • Bonus Videos.   Five profiles have been reviewed and critiqued by David Walker.  These videos are great including the profile critiques of other marketers.

 Walker Way Module 2 – Buyer Boom

Ok now that you’ve sorted out and optimized your profile, it’s time to squeeze the orange for some lead juice.  Before you can make sales, you need leads and connections with potential buyers.  Where do you find these folks? Have a look at the summary.

This module includes:

  • Introduction to finding buyers
  • Buyer groups
  • Product launches
  • Other groups
  • Recommended friends
  • Managing incoming friend requests (not saying yes to most people and why)
  • Organizing your friend’s lists (and why you should make multiple lists)
  • Scam profiles – how to spot them easily and not pollute your friend’s list

This module could be a game-changer for you.  Most people who review it realize that the way they’ve been trying to do business on Facebook was wrong, hence the poor results.  Understand this: your future business success is dependent on the foundation you build, and that foundation is wholly dependent on the quality of people you attract to your network.

This section alone is worth the price of the entire course.

Check Out The Walker Way For Yourself

Walker Way Module 3 – CLOVER Content

Other than finding the right people with whom to do business, the other critical ingredient is content.  But what type of content?  David Walker developed a framework, then coined an acronym titled CLOVER – an apt word that explains his approach to content.

David’s Content Framework:

  • C – Curiosity
  • – Lifestyle
  • O – Offer
  • V – Value posts (4 videos)
  • E – Engagement
  • R – Results
  • Bonus video – post frequency
  • Bonus video – best times of day to post

The bottom line is that you will learn precisely what type of content you need to create, then gives you real life examples which will inspire you to get to work and create your own versions.

Too easy.

Walker Way Module 4 – Engagement Explosion

My attitude is that if you don’t have people engaging with your content, it becomes mighty hard to build a warm audience.  Fortunately, the master blaster himself, David Walker, is in accord with this way of thinking.

Not only that he devotes quite a bit of time in the Walker Way to show you how to give your engagement a big boost.  Indeed, my engagement has trebled since using these strategies.

The even more awesome news is that it doesn’t take long to get some serious engagement action happening (for me it was just a few weeks).

So, here are the main points covered in this lesson:

  • Warming up stories.
  • Warming up the newsfeed.
  • Post your content.
  • Boost your content.
  • Engage with the newsfeed.
  • More than one post a day?
  • Facebook jail – how to avoid and what to do if you get put in it.
  • Optimize your existing friends.
  • Semi-automate comments.

For me, this is one of the most important aspects of Facebook organic marketing.  I suggest you study it AT LEAST TWO TIMES, then implement it aggressively.

Walker Way Module 5 – Messenger Master

You can use Messenger to achieve two goals:

  1. Generate leads
  2. Make sales

It’s also good for relationship building, but that’s another story for another day.

But I know you want to make sales which is what this lesson is mainly about.  The nice thing is that David shows you a way to do it without coming across as sleazy or salesy.  And we’re not talking about making small sales either – David’s main focus is on the high-ticket side of things. Good news for you, yeah?

In many respects, this is like a High-Ticket selling masterclass.  Here is what you’ll learn:

  • Rapport
  • Is there a problem?
  • Unprofitable solution
  • Your alternative
  • Follow up
  • Close that sale

Check it out – it could add $100k to your cash flow.

Check Out The Walker Way For Yourself

Walker Way Module 6 – Super Stories

I have an admission to make.  Before I studied The Walker Way, I didn’t use the Stories feature on Facebook.  Big mistake.  David put me right and if you’re not using Stories, he will show you why it’s important how to use them effectively.

This module focuses on how to use the Facebook stories feature to your advantage, and why this feature is not something you want to overlook.

It includes:

  • Personality
  • Behind the scenes
  • Value
  • Results

Implement these modules and you’ll be getting a lot of attention from your friend’s list.

Walker Way Bonus Module – Hit N Run Profits

What if you could make quick money from your Facebook profile alone?  Well, David Walker will show you how to do it and illustrates the lesson with several case studies.  Here is what is covered:

  • The strategy
  • Pre and post-launch
  • Get free info products
  • How to gatecrash leaderboards
  • A full case study showing how David made $600 easily

Walker Way Bonus Module – RAISE Your Messenger Game

It might seem a bit repetitive to be including another tutorial on how to use Messenger, but in his infinite wisdom, David aims to drive the Messenger aspect of Facebook organic marketing, DEEP.  How deep?  Deeper than Loch Ness, and that’s deep. (OR Johno Joke here)

To help you gain crystal clear clarity he has included an easy-to-remember acronym.  Here it is:

  • R – rapport
  • A – aim
  • I – identify
  • S – sell
  • E – eliminate (objections – not people!)

Like I said it might seem a bit repetitive, but David adds a couple of twists to the topic of Messenger Marketing.  To become great at using the Messenger tool is not easy – it takes lots of practice to get it working well.  My advice is to devour it.

Walker Way Bonus Module – Attractive Affiliate

My attitude is that if I like a product, I want to recommend it to others.  And if I can make money at the same time, even better.

The good news is that The Walker Way comes with an affiliate opportunity that is offered only to customers.

This is a great way to hone your Facebook organic skills, whilst helping people do the same thing, and get paid for it!

When you make a sale of The Walker Way will net you $135 per sale.  Better than that if someone you sell it to makes a sale, you’ll be paid another $65. This has the potential to add up very quickly and make you some decent income.

For example, If you made 10 sales, you’ll make $1,350.  Better than this if 5 of your customers make ten sales, you’ll make another $650.  Total will be $2,000.  Now of course this is purely hypothetical, but I’m sure you can readily see the potential with this pay plan.

So, this module covers all of the main topics such as:

  • How the commission structure works.
  • Setting up your Clickbank account.
  • Get approved to promote the product.
  • Generating your hoplink via Clickbank
  • Getting a domain name.
  • Creating a landing page.
  • Connecting your domain to a landing page
  • Copywriting hacks!

The great thing about it is that you won’t have to worry about finding people.  As a keen student of The Walker Way, you’ll have an ever-growing audience of hot prospects.

Walker Way – Bonus Content

David Walker has pulled another rabbit out of the hat in the form of 2,000 done for you Facebook posts. Included are motivational quotes and images with quotes.  So, if you experience a dry patch and can’t come up with some good content ideas, you’ll never be stuck again.

Someone said that the value of this BOBUS is worth more than the cost of the entire course, and after thinking about it, I have to say he was right!

Walker Way – Yes, No, or Maybe Baby?

I bought The Walker Way, devoured it, and started implementing what I learned straightaway.  By George this stuff works!

So yes, I’m a big fan.

The Walker Way is a BIG course.  It includes more than 8 hours of training, content that you’d expect to pay $1,000 for, and a whole lot more.

Here we have an awesome way to learn organic methods PLUS high-ticket affiliate marketing. Like that idea? Good.

And here is the best part.  You’ll learn all of this without it costing you an arm and a leg.  Frankly, I nearly fell over when David told me the price.  So cheap even a kid can buy it.

There is no doubting the value on offer here, it’s a masterclass in Facebook marketing and it costs less than $300 – crazy. And David includes a private ‘client only’ Facebook group so you can continue to receive ongoing support.

Will it make you rich?

It’s up to you.  Frankly, most people won’t make a lot of money from it because most people won’t put in the work.  But if you have a great work ethic, are consistent, persistent, and teachable, yes, you can make a bunch of money with The Walker Way.

Try it.

Check Out The Walker Way For Yourself





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