The Problem With Affiliate Marketers

The Problem With Affiliate Marketers (They Don’t Know What They Don’t Know)

Affiliate marketers are a funny bunch.

Most of them never make money but they’re always jumping into new programs, products, and tools.

If there’s an easy peasy way to make a buck they’ll follow it.

Yet they stay broke.

Months and years can elapse and things don’t get better.

It’s as if they’ve got one foot nailed to the floor and the other one in a fruitless pursuit of forward movement.

Seeing as everything else has failed some of them decide to try their hand at Facebook Organic Marketing.

  • Why would they do such a thing?
  • No money to spend ads and cold lists
  • Lots of people on FB so sure some of them will buy their product
  • No need to bother with SEO.
  • No blog posts to write.
  • No YouTube videos to record, edit and upload.
  • It’s not techy so should be easy to learn.

Looks pretty good, eh?

Yes, but despite the overwhelming advantages, affiliates and many others get it wrong.

Day after day they mess up.

So, let’s take a walk on the mild side and see if I can fix one of the biggest problems of them all – their content.



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