The Problem With Affiliate Marketers (They Don’t Know What They Don’t Know) Part 2

Crap Content Is Killing Your Business

In my last post on this topic,  The Problem With Affiliate Marketers, I discussed the problem affiliate marketers face when trying to generate leads.   Sooner or after – after testing a myriad of ways to generate leads –  they try their hand at Facebook organic methods.  Most of them struggle because they don’t know how to get the basics right – build an engaged audience and generate leads from it.

So, for this post, I’m going to discuss one of the primary problems that marketers struggle with.  So today it’s time for a walk on the mild side; let’s talk about content.

If you have a Facebook account, you’ve probably posted many times.

But here’s what most struggling marketers do:

They post crap

Total crap

Like, cat pics and videos, lame jokes, lame questions.  Sure, it’s OK to have a bit of fun and show people pics of your family or friends.  But if you want to make money from the platform, you have to also post business-oriented content that educates, provokes, and stimulates your target audience. And you want to generate leads, too, yeah? 

It’s not that hard to write good content.  

I never saw myself as a writer, yet here I am, writing and posting most days. And get this – people like it!

They Like and Comment on my posts, which not only makes me feel good, it helps establish me as a guy worth following.

Social media platforms like Facebook are content machines. Every day more than a billion pieces of content are posted on Facebook alone.  How do you stand out from the crowd with an avalanche of new content being posted every day?  Here is what I do – I learned how to get good at this vital skill.

So there are 9 different content types. We call them avatars, and for this post, I’m going to feature three of them.

1). The Freebie

Use giveaways to generate leads on Facebook.  It could be in the form of a free video or written report.  Offer something that addresses a key problem that your audience experiences.   If in video form, it could be short  – ten to twenty minutes.  If it’s a written report – it might be 3 to 10 pages or if in Cheat Sheet form, one page.  A variation on this is an e-book, but they take a lot longer to create.

When you have your free lead magnet ready promote it from your Facebook newsfeed.  It’s best not to include a link in your post – just ask people to leave a comment, then reach out to them on Messenger, and ask them what promoted their interest.  If their reply tells you that they’re a prospect, give them the link and follow up in two days.

2). The HOT Story

If you’ve had recent success – no matter how small – shout about it.  This will attract attention, and if you offer your free lead magnet at the end of the post, you’ll probably get some leads too.

3). Make ‘Em Weep

You may not get leads from this type of post but if you show some vulnerability you’ll get more engagement and grow your audience.  Share a story about a struggle you had and how you overcame it.  Make sure you include a Takeout for the reader at the end – something valuable like a lesson you learned from the experience.   Seeing as you can’t generate leads without an engaged audience (unless you plan to demean yourself by cold pitching people), this is a solid strategy.

Another great content type is the Pick a Fight post.  But I’ll hold it over for another day.

Like any of these ideas?  Or perhaps you need help with your Lead Magnet.  Reach out to me here:


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