Should You Use Your Facebook Personal Profile For Business?

Many people ask this question: should you use your personal page for business purposes? 

Before I answer the question, let’s talk about business pages and personal profile pages.  Many people get confused about them.

To be clear a business page is just that – a page from which you can promote your business.  It’s official and from Facebook’s standpoint, it’s legal.  Why does Facebook insist you promote your business on a biz page?  Easy, so they can snaffle lots of ad dollars from you.  To run ads on Facebook you must have a business page.

So does this mean a business page is the only way you can promote your business? 

Certainly not – you have a few choices one of which is a Facebook Group.  Groups have become popular in recent years. 

So, join some niche-specific groups and get to work.  But be careful – most of the best groups prohibit self-promotional content.  If they catch you doing it, they will ban you.

Of course, you could start your own group, but it will require skills, time, and effort to make it work – it’s not a free lunch.

Another way to do business on Facebook is with Messenger.  Used correctly it’s super powerful. You can use it to generate leads and make sales.  But once again you need to know what you’re doing.  There is a right and wrong way to use Messenger, so be careful.

Finally, there’s personal profile.  The problem here is that FB prohibits you from using it for business purposes.  Which begs the question: if true why do so many people seem to be using their profile to promote their business?  Simple.  It works and if you do it right, you’ll get away with it without getting shut down.

Should you conduct your business on your Facebook business page, or is it better to do it via your Personal Profile?

Here is my take on it.  Unless you plan to spend money on Facebook ads, you probably don’t need a business page.  If you see yourself as an organic marketer, you’ll be wanting to get plenty of engagement in your quest to build a warm audience.  The problem with a biz page is that reach is very low thereby denying you the opportunity for people to see your content.

It’s about eyeballs on posts, and if the only way Facebook will display your content on a biz page is by them forcing you to spend money on ads, a business page is a waste of time and effort.  

Contrast this with a personal profile page where it’s much easier to boost your reach, and without spending a cent on ads.

How to get around the Facebook Police? Easy – don’t make your personal page look like a Moroccan Bazar.  Facebook says it’s ok to share your life on your newsfeed.  And if your life includes your business, so be it.  It’s a reflection of who you are.

So, strike a balance between social and business content and for sure make your content interesting, valuable, and helpful.  No need to pitch on every post, either, or if you want to promote something, promote a free tool or report.  We call them lead magnets and it’s a perfectly acceptable practice.

By taking this approach you will identify those who are interested in solving a problem that your report addresses.  Once someone has identified themselves, follow up each lead on Messenger and discover why they requested the report.  And that’s when the fun begins.


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