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You Can Generate Leads and Make Sales With Organic Marketing Methods

If you’ve been trying to make money online but finding the going tough, don’t panic – help is on the way.

Perhaps you need to generate quality leads or convert more of your leads into sales.   No problem – I am here to make it easier for you. 

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MY LIFE So Far...

There was a time when I would get lots of comments about being the “youngest” this and that. — Now? Not so much…

So I'm a Lurker

When it comes to social media, the 90-9-1 Rule often applies. Here is how it works: 90% of People Are Lurkers.

"The No Money Blues”

Hang on, I’ll put my guitar down. I’ve been writing a song about online marketers called, “I Got the No Money….

Most affiliate marketers never make money but they’re always jumping into new programs If there’s an easy way to …..

Messenger Madness – the Right Way to Use Facebook Messenger

If you’re like most marketers I talk to, generating leads and making sales is an ongoing challenge. 

Should You Use Your Facebook Personal Profile For Business? 🤔

Many people ask this question. Is it ok to use your personal page for business?  Good question, here is my answer….